A fast, easy to handle cruising yacht benefitting from the highest quality carbon fibre construction, 44 years of seamanlike design experience and the opportunity for owners to customise layout.
This new performance bluewater cruiser is designed to meet the demands of owners looking for a fast, easy to sail, good looking, long distance cruising yacht displaying seamanlike design throughout and benefitting from the carbon fibre engineering and building skills perfected by Baltic Yachts over 44 years.

By using sandwich construction with carbon Epoxy Sprint to produce a strong, light structure the Baltic 67 Performance Cruiser will not only ensure comfortable cruising, but also sail fast in the light to moderate downwind conditions prevailing in typical ocean crossings. For anyone contemplating comfortable, speedy ocean sailing this yacht provides you with a genuine performance edge.

Those who wish take part in competitive events will find this yacht extremely effective without having to convert to race mode.

By using a uniform design for the hull, build time can be significantly reduced and still provides the clients with a chance to personalise the yacht’s interior to suit their needs and taste.

With her relatively light displacement, easily-driven hull and low rig loads, the Baltic 67PC will be a safe and easy yacht to handle for a short-handed crew.

  • single-line slab or in-boom reefing - owner's choice
  • non-overlapping working jib
  • powered trimming winches within easy reach of the helmsman
  • bow thruster
  • exceptionally well balanced helm
  • twin wheels for excellent visibility from the steering position
  • good directional stability to make her enjoyable and easy to sail for a short-handed crew
  • not too 'hungry' on auto-pilot power


Baltic Yachts has built more than 550 yachts of all types over 44 years accumulating unmatched experience in carbon engineering and construction. The use of carbon fibre and lightweight foam cores has proven advantages in terms of weight, insulation and maintenance.

Easily driven, but with plenty of stability with her beam running well aft, this yacht will be finger-light on the helm in all conditions. A telescopic lifting keel, the engineering for which has been perfected by Baltic Yachts over 15 years, is an option which will reduce draft to 2.50m for access to shallower anchorages.

With hull shape and bulkhead positions fixed for economy and speed of build, the Baltic 67 Performance Cruiser offers several accommodation layouts and deck options.




  • L.O.A.20.52 m
  • D.W.L.19.20 m
  • BEAM5.45 m
  • DRAFT3.90 m
  • DISPLACEMENT24,400 kg
  • BALLAST9,000 kg


  • NAVAL ARCHITECTjudel/vrolijk & co
  • STYLINGDesign Unlimited


  • UPWIND257 m2
  • DOWNWIND530 m2

What people say about our yachts

Yachting can bring together the most important things in life – family, friends and love

Owner, Baltic 175 Pink Gin

For me, Baltic means a fantastic team of people that is challenging itself all the time in order to build more advanced, more sophisticated, faster and lighter "high performance" yachts than any other yacht builder. They never say no as an answer, they come up with solutions!

Owner, Baltic 112 Nilaya

When I was making my choice of builder, I concluded that the Baltic 67 had been far better thought through than similar yachts. A key requirement for my new yacht was high quality of build.

Owner, Baltic 67 Manyeleti



Fixed keels
The Baltic 67PC can be fitted with a deep draft fixed keel drawing 3.9m or a shallow draft fixed keel drawing 3.3m. Both feature 9-ton lead ballast bulbs suspended from stainless steel fins bolted to the heavily reinforced composite hull matrix. Fixed keel yachts will be fitted with a single balanced rudder with a sacrificial tip.

Telescopic lifting keels
Baltic Yachts has perfected the design of hydraulically-driven telescopic lifting keels. This option reduces draft to 2.50m when the keel is fully up. To take full advantage of the reduced draft the yacht is fitted with shorter twin rudders, which also provide enhanced response under sail.

Rig options
The standard sailplan has a ‘pinhead’ main. This option provides a slightly smaller main with minimal loss of performance. The advantage is that just a single, fixed backstay set on a bridle is required making the sail easy to handle. With less roach the main won’t foul the stay. Asymmetric and Code sails are tacked to the stemhead and an arrangement for an inner forestay enables a storm headsail to be set.

The slightly larger ‘square-top’ mainsail provides approximately 8m2 of extra plain sail. Off the wind on long passages this could have a bearing on elapsed ocean crossing times. The rig is slightly more complex because twin running backstays are required. The short fixed bowsprit option allows slightly larger running sails to be set clear of the stemhead, which also makes gybing easier. Both versions have arrangements for an inner forestay for a smaller heavy weather sail with checkstays to counteract the load.

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